Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wan Aishah married

LANGKAWI: Wan Aishah Nawawi, the seventh-generation descendant of the legendary Mahsuri, is here on the island, which was once home of her famous ancestor.

The 23-year-old returned to the island in conjunction with her wedding reception for her relatives scheduled to be held today.(24 April 2010)

Wan Aishah married 27-year-old tourism industry entrepreneur Alee Tongyun at her hometown in Phuket last month.

"It is good to be back. My husband and I can't wait to meet our relatives here on the island.

"We are also excited for the coming wedding reception."

The newly-wed couple, who were accompanied by 49 relatives and friends from their hometown, arrived at the Kuah jetty at 3.30pm on Thursday.

Among those who joined the entourage were her father Nawawi Wan Hashim, 46, her mother Sumaini Yaji, 46, and her 72-year-old grandfather Wan Hashim Wan Hussain.

Wan Aishah said she would not apply for a Malaysian citizenship and would continue to stay in her hometown at Kampung Kemala in Phuket.

"I love the island. It is beautiful. However, I would continue to stay in my hometown with my husband and my family."

On the wedding reception here, the couple would attend a feast at Kota Mahsuri in the afternoon.

Another reception would be held in the evening at Tourism Complex in Kuah.

She made the headlines when she and seven other Mahsuri descendants from the fifth and seventh generations set foot on the island 10 years ago.

It was said that her return would mark the lifting of a curse on the island.

According to legend, Mahsuri cursed the island with bad luck for seven generations after she was executed for alleged adultery.

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