Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Effective communication (communicate effectively when you talk to yourself)

Effective Communication
(communicate effectively when you talk to yourself)

Starting from today, let us communicate effectively by adopting the following guidelines:

1. I do my BEST to expect the best from myself and get the best result in my life!
(Do or do not. there is no try. And if you do something, do your best.)

2. I Break my Limits.
(We are control by imaginary limits. Break free from your mental chains and expand your potential.)

3. I do it better and better and better ...
(Have the attitude of improving everything you are doing and your life will be excitingly different always.)

4. I Believe in myself that I can succeed.
(Begin to change by trusting in yourself)

5. I control my Energy and it's always Highhh!
(Be aware of your energy level. Sit, stand or move your body to ensure your high energy.)

6. If you can do it, so can I, the difference is in my mind.
(Don't be jealous of people's achievement or just envy their success. You can also do it.)

7. I teach myself to watch the things I am doing.
(Observe your own actions and attitude. Is it excellent or negative behaviour?)

8. I have the ability to FOCUS
(Power Concentration is having the ability to focus on what you are doing or thinking without it wandering away.)

9. It's okay to make mistake. I learn from my mistakes.
(All learning requires you to take risks and new challenges. Making mistake is part of learning. Learning from mistakes creates wisdom)

10. I am ready to response to life's challenges & opportunities.
(To move forward you have to make changes in your life. Response positively.)

11. The Power rest in me that I can choose to create my life, the way I want it to be.
(Some people are afraid of success. Decide to win. It's easier and more rewarding.)

12. I always focus on my strengths and improve my weaknesses.
(Weakness are only underdeveloped talents and abilities. Use your strengths to improve your weakness.)

13. My happy and good moments are my vitamins for living.
(Remember and treasure joyful and proud moments in your life. Think of your failures and bad experiences and you become that.)

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